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Tree of Fire

Tree of Fire: Another from my Saugus Iron Works Series. So what is the Saugus Iron Works?

- Taken from Wikipedia: Saugus Iron Works is a National Historic Site located about 10 miles (16 kilometers) northeast of Downtown Boston in Saugus, Massachusetts. It is the site of the first integrated ironworks in North America, founded by John Winthrop the Younger and in operation between 1646 – 1668. It includes the reconstructed blast furnace, forge, rolling mill, shear, slitter and a quarter-ton drop hammer.
The facility is powered by seven large waterwheels, some of which are rigged to work in tandem with huge wooden gears connecting them. It has a wharf to load the iron onto ocean-going vessels, as well as a large, restored 17th-century house.

The World Series starts tonight between the St. Louis Cardinals and my Boston Red Sox!! Looks like I'm going to have a few late nights ahead of me! GO SOX!